Partner Services: Westlife Consultants is worldwide community of concerned individuals dedicated to the idea of a world in which everyone can be effective, creative, and successful. Our pool of global and specialised partners, combined with alliances, market analysts and advisors, academics and researchers, create a wealth of knowledge, expertise and resources that have resulted in thousands of successful satisfied & happy clients.

Business Intelligence & Analytics: We  group our services into areas of expertise, each of which is focused on delivering business outcomes. If you can’t find the service you need, visit our new service launch page and explore how we could work together to build a mutually profitable work | partnering relationship.

Coaching & Mentoring: Disruptive forces are a constant in business. If organizations are to thrive, their leaders must navigate the disruptions to stay a step ahead of their competitors. We provide a broad range of top quality executive coaching services including the training and development of fully-accredited in-house executive coaching capabilities. Learning to mobilize, execute, and transform with agility.

Anti-Money Laundering & Counterterrorism: Our global network of qualified professionals include former bank regulators, federal law enforcement officials, securities compliance officers, and more to resolve money laundering, terrorist financing, and other complex matters related to financial crime around the world.

Financial Reorganization / Insolvency Consulting / Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examination: We have extensive experience in insolvency situations and can assist in critical areas of bankruptcy & consumer proposal through our network of Licensed Insolvency Trustee firms in Canada. We collaborate only with the best Trustees in Bankruptcy.


Laurie Blake, GBA
Vice President & Partner.