Syed N. Hussain, Ph.D, CPCM, President & Managing Partner:
Syed N Hussain, Ph.D,  a Corporate Banker, a Certified Professional Consultant to Management and a well respected Insolvency and Restructuring Professional established Westlife Consultants & Advisors in 1990. With a career spanning over forty years, Syed N Hussain has significant hands-on involvement at senior levels of management and is recognized as a leading practitioner in the field of banking, finance, marketing, investments, business advisory and corporate restructuring through several senior level banking assignments in the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New York, Chicago, and Canada.
Hannah Saad, BBA, Vice President: As a business leader driven by clear strategic thinking, intuitive consumer insights, and a penchant for problem solving, Hannah brings a long and accomplished track record in client relationship management with proficiency at negotiating and translating client needs into successful productive engagements. She is able to gauge situations quickly and help implement timely solutions to improve sales force productivity and effectiveness
Laurie Blake, GBA, Vice President & Partner:
Laurie has been providing Professional Financial Planning and Protection Solutions to Small Business Owners  and their families in GTA for the past 16 years through "In Business For Business", a practice he has under, Laurie Blake & Associates the company he owns, and joined Westlife Consultants as a Collaborative Consultant and Partner to help Canadians get out of their debts and live debt free utilizing the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act. Laurie works closely with legal, accounting and planning associates to create broad pragmatic strategies to address the needs of his clients. Debt Elimination Services are offered through Laurie Blake & Associates. 
Hannah Saad
Vice President, Sales