Syed N. Hussain, Ph.D, CPCM, President & Managing Partner:Syed,is a product of an elite Air Force Academy an International Banker, a Business Consultant, a Chartered Bankruptcy Analyst with prior experience in trade intel, financial crime investigations, anti-money laundering and  counterterrorism strategies. Syed initially founded Westlife Consultants & Advisors in 1990. With a career spanning over forty-four years, Syed  has significant hands-on involvement at senior levels of management and is recognized as a leading practitioner in the field of commercial & investment banking, finance, marketing, business intelligence & corporate reengineering through several senior level corporate assignments in the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, USA, and Canada. He exemplifies professionalism with ability to manage multiple critical and sensitive tasks at any given moment. Syed is fluent in many languages.

Hannah Saad, BBA, Vice President: As a business leader driven by clear strategic thinking, intuitive consumer insights, and a penchant for problem solving, Hannah has a demonstrated history of successful intelligence & investigation management and effective resource utilization, while providing high-quality process guidance and facilitating efficient investigative operations. She is able to gauge situations quickly and help implement timely solutions to improve operational productivity and effectiveness. She worked and partnered with Syed in Belgium, where Syed was the Country Station Manager. Hannah speaks many languages. 

Laurie Blake, GBA, Vice President & Referral PartnerLaurie is a Financial Coach and has been providing Professional Financial Planning and Innovative Solutions to Small Business Owners  and their families in GTA for the past 25 years and is very active in the business community both in Ontario, Canada, and Michigan, USA. He was formerly associated with Dave Ramsey, and experienced in seminar and information presentations. Laurie worked with Syed as partner in the investment and securities industry for many years prior to joining as a referral partner.


Hannah Saad
Vice President, Sales