What We Do:

 Westlife Consultants and Advisors deliver complete holistic business driven solutions which encompass strategic planning,   market research, business analysis, financial restructuring, process and change management, all of which are designed to   enhance skills recognized as priorities for Sustainable Business Development. All of our Associates have extensive advisory experience in their field. We only accept engagements that fall within the following disciplines: 

  • Strategic and Business Process Improvement using intelligent analysis and best practices for sustainability of business.
  • Marketing and Performance Development Planning using financial and non-financial measures.
  • Business & International Trade Finance Advisory/Promotion and Development.
  • Investments Advisory Services, Insolvency & Restructuring and Marketing Intelligence.
  • Entrepreneurial and Organizational  Development using mission, vision and value proposition.
  • Leadership, and "Executive Presence" Development using 360 Degree Leadership Influence Developing, and Mentoring.
  • Project Management, Cultural Initiative and Change Management as organizational skill development.
  • Forensic Accounting, Fraud Examination, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorist Financing & Counterterrorism.


Syed N. Hussain, Ph.D
President & Managing Partner