Welcome to the world of Westlife Consultants and Advisors - a national and global network of independent business oriented consultants and turnaround specialists with associate partners in the Middle East, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada and South America.
The services of Westlife Consultants and Advisors are designed to provide entrepreneurs and businesses with a highly commercial and global perspectives on the international business development and cross-cultural change.
Westlife Consultants and Advisors help companies and individuals define their strategic directions through a collaborative approach and to see business as an integrated cohesive whole and manage the external and internal market place (EMP/IMP) change within the organizations for sustainable business development.
As a boutique professional services firm, Westlife Consultants and Advisors draw on expertise of it's experienced consultants and counsellors worldwide to offer discreet professional advice in a friendly and clear manner that is tailored to help the owner-managed organizations anticipate and meet the complex challenges before them.  In order to coordinate its numerous consultants, its organization, its governance and its infrastructure have been pragmatically designed for the sole efficiency of the consultants, change managers and project managers in cross border situations. At the same time Westlife Consultants and Advisors is multi-local because we recognize that consulting markets are proximity places. All our engagements are actively managed on-site by one or more of our experienced consultants, advisors and project managers.
Westlife Consultants and Advisors offer a unique blend of life skills and work experience with practical knowledge and influential networks built over many years to put in place the strategy for long term prosperity of entrpreneurs and businesses.
Navigational Excellence Through Quality and Vision
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Syed N. Hussain, Ph.D
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